Some Questions We Ask

  • You once wrote "I'm a firm believer that one of the most powerful use cases of technology is leveraging it to unlock solutions in social impact that were once unsurmountable globally". What made you interested in using technology to make social impact and what drew you to this field?
  • Do you think there is enough time and resources put into using technology to make 'social entrepreneurs'? If not why do you think that is and how can we get more people developing technology that helps support this work?
  • You work at Microsoft as a Managing Director in the Growth Stage for Startups & Unicorns. This is a role most teenagers have never heard of, can you explain what your role entails and what a day in the life at your job looks like?
  • What is your roadmap in identifying unicorn startups / do you follow any specific mental models or frameworks?
  • What are three points of advice you would give people that are working to make a unicorn startup?

Top Quotes

You know what I love about my job is that I meet a lot of founders from all across the spectrum and it's very interesting because one of the things that I personally like to do is anytime I meet a founder, specifically who may be a CEO or not. Maybe there's someone else who is the CEO of the company. Is that often dig into what, what sort of pushed them to find that startup and everyone has a very interesting story. So, you know, the number one advice I would say is if there is something if you're looking to solve something, make sure you're solving simple things. Like, you know, don't go to solve, like I'm building, like an airproof jacket for people on the moon. Not gonna happen, right. But look to solve simple things because simple things, solving simple things are what catches the maximum total addressable market.

Action Items


Do not be afraid to take risk. If you fail, enjoy that experience even more because the success will be 10x sweeter.


Train your brain muscle to give back by creating a network of mentees as you grow.


Be entrepreneurial in your thinking, and be open to trying out different things in your career. Pursue your passion!