Tune into our conversation covering topics like compounding skills, the company recruiting process, compartmentalization, and how to manage a team.

Some Questions We Ask

  • What were you like in high school and what were your aspirations? How did you start your career?
  • You've done a variety of work and you've been managed as well as managed teams yourself so what are your thoughts on what makes an ideal team and ideal team member?
  • How do you identify people to work with and then delegate tasks accordingly?
  • Why do you think some companies like Mckinsey and P&G recruit from specific schools? What advice would you give to students looking to work in these kinds of companies?
  • Something you said is when you're young that's the time to be thoughtful, what skills do you think are important to compound earlier on in life?

Top Quotes

The way I think of it is I create this box, and this box has four walls. Those four walls are my family, my health, my sleep, and my hobbies and those are the things that create the constraints that I’m going to put into my life. These are the things that I need to be my best self to have the highest level of energy and to be happy and healthy. Everything left on the inside I’m going to work and prioritize like crazy and work as hard as I possibly can. That does not mean that I don’t go outside the box at times but I least I have the box defined. So, if I sleep less tonight cause I need to get something done it is a conscious choice and I do it once or twice. The to-do list never ends and so what ends up happening is if I go back to my analogy with the box is that you push past the outsides of the box constantly. Then you stop doing the things that are making you your best self, you don’t sleep enough, you don’t take care of your health, you don’t eat properly, you don’t spend time with your loved ones so then the next day you get a little bit less done.

Action Items


Read a great book (physical, not online!).


Instil a consistent daily habit in your life.


Intentionally do something that makes you uncomfortable.