In this episode, we talk to Anisha about her journey in founding a company at 15, striking a balance between work and life, and how resilience has been key to her success.

Some Questions We Ask

  • What got you interested in STEM, and specifically quantum computing?
  • How do you think quantum computing and artificial intelligence will change the world? Which industries do you think will be impacted most?
  • Tell us a little bit about your company Q-munity. What was your process of founding this? What pushed you to do so?
  • What ideal skills in your opinion make a successful CEO?
  • Do you ever face any hardships in balancing school and your company, and how do you maintain this balance?

Top Quotes

We essentially tried to start a hackathon. It was supposed to be a one-day hackathon, not a company not an organization but it got canceled cause it was supposed to be in March of 2020, and three days before it was supposed to happen New York City went on lockdown. No events, nothing everyone was supposed to say inside. We were like dam it! We had IBM as a sponsor and everything so we were really bumbed out. But we decided to host workshops instead because we had a lot of interest. People from like Odoho were like this is so cool I wish I could come in will you host anything near where I am? But thankfully due to COVID, there were a lot more opportunities to do things online. So, then we got so much interest that we realized this was a huge gap as there are not really people who are creating quantum computing for beginners or high school students.

Action Items


Start journaling, 5 mins journal. Maybe share with friends.


Be resilient in a situation.


Find something new that brings you joy (have fun!).